The Bullet Concept


What is The Bullet Concept?

There is a special coating covering our pasture seed to shield it from external factors by patented technology. This pelleting process covers the seed with a coating to protect the seed until they are well established and prevents the seed from germinating until there is a sufficient water to develop fully.

The coating contains an insecticide and two fungicides that drastically reduces the need for agrochemicals as the seed is protected from natural predators such as birds and insects. The coating further prevents damage from fungi both during storage and after planting.

The bulleted seed is uniform in shape and size and the coating prevents clumping making the seed ideal to be sowed either mechanically or manually. These characteristics make bullet seed ideally suited for intercropping which offers the producer the opportunity to generate additional income from soil that would normally be left idle.

Only one question remains; which of the seeds in our product range will suit you and your specific pasture needs best? Feel free to browse our range of seeds or contact us with any queries or if you need additional assistance.

Image shows a comparison of uncoated seed vs. Brazgrass' bullet coated seeds.